Development Of Moderate Theological Mazhab In Islam

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Hamzah Harun Al-Rasyid


This study aims to discuss the achievements of Abu Hasan Al-Asy'ari in building a moderate theological school in Islam. The study's problem is who Abu Hasan Al-Asy'ari is, his method of thought and their testimony of moderation of his ideas in the field of theology. This study is descriptive and qualitative by using library sources related to the works of Abu Hasan Al-Asy'ari. For the completeness of the study data, the authors use secondary data, namely written materials that have been published and circulated in the form of books, documents, magazines, and others that are relevant. Apart from being bibliographical, this study is descriptive, namely exploring the products of thought by previous scholars as material for improvement. This study finds that Abu Hasan Asy'ari is a phenomenal scholar in Islamic history. He is known as the initiator of the establishment of an intermediate school of Islamic theology. Abu Hasan al-Asy'ari's expertise in the field of theology can present alternative solutions amid the violent upheaval of thoughts from various mainstream thoughts currently existing and warm in his time. The approach used by Asy'ari in the study of theology uses a rational approach and a balanced textual approach. The Asy'ari approach is considered a moderate methodology to attract the people's sympathy and gain the most significant adherents in the Islamic world, including Indonesia and Malaysia. In the history of Kalam (Islamic Theology), several ideological understandings have developed rapidly across history, for example, Shia, Khawarij, Murji'ah, Mu'tazilah, Salaf (ahl al-hadith), and Ash'ariyyah. The movement and understanding created today cannot be separated from the action. It is a relay of the epistemology of previous ideas. So that nowadays, they are known as neo-mu'tazilah, neo-khawarij, neo-salafiyah and others. In this context, it takes the presence of a moderate theological thought that can quell the feuds of the various mainstream ideas, and what is appropriate and appropriate for that is the "Moderate Theological School of al-As'ariyyah".

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