The Famine And The Female In Bhabani Bhattacharya’s So Many Hungers!

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Pooja Dagar , Dr. Jyoti Sharma


Bhabani Bhattacharya’s novel ‘So Many Hungers!’ is a story of human plight and suffering during the great Bengal famine of 1943. It also has the Quit India Movement at its focus and shows Gandhi’s impact on Bhattacharya. The idea of the ‘New Indian Woman’ based on Gandhi’s principles is perpetuated through the story by the means of its female characters. . It is a tale of people caught in tragic predicaments and their response to this situation. This essay examines the novel’s female characters and studies the situation of women during the famine. It also highlights how Bhattacharya advocated for women participation in the freedom movement through his characters and created close ties between India and the woman protagonist in his story. A critical analysis based on a close reading of the story reveals several layers in Bhattacharya’s narrative and offers an authentic account of one of the most critical moments in the Indian history.

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