The Importance Of The Virtual Supply Chain In Facilitating Short Term Business Collaborations

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Hong Fanxi ,Tara Ahmed Mohammed , Syriac Nellikunnel & Tan Seng Teck


Using a virtual supply chain, a corporation can streamline its operational administration by connecting electronic supply chains together in a network. Using high-tech facilities rather than relying on the cumbersome physical supply chain network is a viable option for any company in today's digital world providing technical support, from data and resource management to logistics management. In modern business, virtual supply chain management is a huge advantage, but there are challenges too. E-supply chain management, also known as virtual supply chain management, has numerous benefits for business operations. On the other hand, technical glitches can slow down operation, which can have an impact on the company's efficiency and reputation. Supply chain management provides an organised, basic structure for important business operations for a company producing goods or services. Manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and reselling the company's products are the primary functions of the company's operational activities. To keep track of the strategic operational management plan, these activities are managed according to a variety of theories. This study's methodology difficulties were largely caused by the data collection strategy, which relied primarily on quantitative methods while ignoring the potential benefits of qualitative approaches. This study explores some of the challenges faced by organisations leveraging on virtual supply chain network and management systems.

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