Learning Styles Of Secondary School Students

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Sumitha.P , Prof. R. Siva Prasadh


Everyone is a lifelong learner. A person's learning style differs from person to person and is known as a person's learning style (LS). Perceptual modalities of learning style point out that learning happens through the senses. Accordingly, there are six types of learning styles. Knowing about the dominant or significant learning style would help the students understand their core areas of learning. Secondly, it would help the teachers and administration plan, organize, and execute learning situations and assessments. In this context, the researcher studies the major, minor, and negligible learning styles of secondary students and the influence of the demographic profile of the learner on learning styles. The researcher followed the descriptive survey method for the study, and a sample of 2901 secondary school students was considered. The study's findings point out that visual and group learning styles are significant learning style preferences, and auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, and individual learning styles are minor learning style preferences. Moreover, the student's learning style preferences are influenced by the gender of the student, type of management of the school, medium of instruction or language of learning, type of school residence, and locality of the school.

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