Gender Equality And Law In The Kyrgyz Republic: Current State Of Affairs Analysis

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Zulfiia Kulanbaeva , Andrei Ten , Satkynai Nasbekova , Zhypar Murzabekova , Urmat Amanaliev , Temirlan Toromyrzaev , Abai Zurdinov , Iskender Eratov


This article is investigating analysis of problems ensuring gender equality in the Kyrgyz Republic and examines relationship between gender equality and law, analyzes the normative regulation of this issues, provides gender statistics. The authors also analyzed such problems as legal gaps and collisions in the field of combating domestic violence and crimes against women and girls, gender asymmetry in political sphere, imperfection of electoral legislation in matters of ensuring gender balance, weak representation in official statistics of gender indicators, implementation of women labor rights, namely existence of prohibited professions list for women, gender selectivity in matters of criminal prosecution. In addition, the article suggests ways to solve the identified problems.

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