Implications Of Organization Size And Age On Organizational Culture, Communication, Ownership Structure And Performance. Literature Review

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Basil Mahmod Ali Defalla , Yap Voon Choong


The review of the literature has presented how the scholars have addressed the organization size and age. However, there were multiple views to improve and understanding of the concept. Age is the length of time duration of which and how long the company was existed. Shumway, (2001) mentioned that the age of the company is the number of years of establishment of the company. Likewise, holding companies that have a long period in the market have a high success rate of investment returns, unlike companies that have a short period in the market. (Waluyo, 2017) Age of a company is an indicator of a company's ability to compete. Long-established companies have more experience. Consequently, long-established companies have greater experience in dealing with corporate social responsibility and market changes (Michelon, Pilonato, and Ricceri, 2015).

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