The Economic Regulation And Competition In The Moroccan Monetary And Financial Markets In The Era Of Covid-19 Pandemic

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Dr. Chahid Slimani , Mohammed Alaoui


Prioritizing the public health or focusing on rebuilding the economy is the main current issue in the entire world and the prominent interest of almost all countries’ policy- makers. Indeed, the leading and proactive economic, financial and social policies constructed by the kingdom of Morocco during COVID-19 have significantly impacted the Regulation of the Moroccan markets. In this unprecedented and epidemiological context, many economic and financial measures have been taken by some strategic institutions of Morocco such as the Competition Council, the Central Bank of Morocco (BAM) and the Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) to establish a free and loyal competition among companies on the one hand, and among businesspersons on the other hand. Undoubtedly, the Moroccan economy generally and the Moroccan companies particularly are sharply influenced by the pandemic in many vital and salient fields that constitute the cornerstone of the Moroccan economy growth. In this spirit, this paper sheds light on the Competition and Regulation of the Moroccan companies in the era of COVID-19. At the first place, this work tackled the legal framework of Competition and Regulation of the Moroccan companies, then the main regulatory instruments utilized by the Moroccan state to establish fair competition in the economic and financial markets to protect companies and to refresh the economy. Results of this paper figure out that the proactive approach and the strategic policies taken by the monetary and financial institutions have efficiently regulated competition in the market and mitigated the impact of coronavirus crisis on the Moroccan economy.

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