Evaluation Of The Hexaaquahexaimidazole Copper Sulfate Drug Effectiveness In The Main Helminthiases Of Sheep

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Momun Arzybaev , Nazira Kydyrmaeva , Zhyldyz Berdalieva , Ainura Malabaeva , Kenzhekan Isakova , Elmira Alamanova , Zhypargul Abdullaeva


Anthelmintic drug hexaquahexamidazole sulfate copper (II) with low toxicity (LD50) = 1580 mg/kg), has a specific cestodocidal activity of 100% in 1% concentration in "in vitro" experiments on echinococcal protoscolex (Echinococcus granulosus) shows high anthelmintic efficiency in a dose of 100-150mg/kg in sheep with manesiosis (extenefficacy and intenefficacy =100%). Determination of hexaquahexamidazole sulfate drug acute toxicity parameters was carried out on rats. This drug allows complex treatment and prevention of helminthiasis in sheep and restores animals’ productivity in a short time.

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