Women In "Masculine" Sports: Self-Concept Female Referee In football

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Ope Destrian , Suwandi Sumartias , Rd. Funny Mustikasari Elita and Wawan Setiawan


The purpose of this article is to gain a comprehensive understanding of The Female Referee's self-concept in the Football Sports in Majalengka Regency and the accompanying dimensions based on their experiences that were consciously experienced. Knowing the extent to which a female referee understands her Self Concept inside and outside of a Football match, what is her expectation and how does the female referee judge in Football about herself and the surrounding environment, and the role of self-concept is viewed in the lens of the Female referees' conscious experience in the City of Majalengka. Theory The self-concept by Calhoun & Acocella is a guideline in gathering information for the writing of this article. The qualitative research method of the phenomenology tradition involving all female referees in Majalengka City is used in this article. Data collection was obtained through in-depth interviews and participatory observation for 10 months in the City of Majalengka, West Java Province, Indonesia. This paper is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the voluminous literature on sexism in sports.

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