Russia-Ukraine War: India’s Position And Operation Ganga

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Dr Babudhan Tripura


Operation Ganga was the evacuation process initiated by the Indian government to rescue Indian residents during Russian invasion of Ukraine. This has been one of the most successful rescue operations in Indian history. Initially India refused to accept the invasion of Ukraine by taking a neutral stance. The fact that this operation was done quietly speaks eloquently about the cooperation put in by the Indian government to enable a quick and safe evacuation of Indian residents from Ukraine. Also, India’s neutral stance and safety issues raised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Ukrainian President was instrumental. There were around 20,000 Indian citizens in Ukraine with somewhat more than I 8,000 of them being Scholars. They were successfully evacuated by the evacuation designed both Civil Aviation and Indian Air Force. Here, this paper attempts to highlight India’s position on Russian invasion of Ukraine and the evacuation operation process of Indian students.

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