An Analytical Study On Perception Of Students Towards Hospitality Industry After Their Industrial Training

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Dr Amit Kumar , Mr. Priyadarshan Lakhawat


Background: Hospitality industry is marked as one of the fastest growing industry in India and is a big hub of source of employment. The ever changing and progressing hotel industry is enormously contributing to the economic development of the country but the irony of the situation is that it is often criticized as industry with low skilled and less paid jobs. And therefore it is imperative to get the picture of understanding about the interest of the third year students to continue their career in the field of hospitality.

Objective: The aim is to analyse the Perception Hotel Management Students who have completed their industrial trainings are interested to work in the Hotel Industry or not.

Methods: The methodology adopted includes collection of data from the students pursuing their final year of hotel management course in different hotel management colleges. Semi-structured questionnaire and personal in depth interview from 100 students was a tool to gather information.

 Result: The findings suggest that there is less number of students who has the desire to work immediately in hotel related jobs due to less salary structure offered in their campus placement. Student’s expectation about the industry being it an attractive profession is not realised during the industrial training period and are also exposed to difficult working conditions of the industry.

Conclusion: The results would be beneficial to both the hotel management institutes and the Industry in terms of creating a balance between the demand and supply. The hotels can improvise on providing a healthy working atmosphere where in the employees are loyal to the organisation. The institutes can strive to bridge the gap between the students’ expectations and reality which eventually would lead to a harmonious merger of the two parties.

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