A Novel approach for Grid Connected PV System Based on MMC to Get Maximum Power under the Partial Shading Conditions

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Mr. E. Ramakrishna , Dr. M. Bharath Kumar , Dr. G. Jaya Krishna , Dr. P.Sujatha


Photovoltaic energy generation is becoming an increasingly widespread means of producing clean and renewable power. In PV systems, long strings of photovoltaic modules are found to be vulnerable to shading effects, causing significant reduction in the system power output. In the case of partial shading, the output power of the un shaded PV modules will be decreased by the influence of the shaded PV modules in one branch. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a novel topology for a PV power generation system by connecting a PV module to the capacitor in each sub module of a modular multilevel converter parallel. As partial shading occurs, the maximum power can be extracted by regulating the capacitor voltage to the maximum power point voltage. With this proposed topology, the maximum power tracking controller, the redundancy module controller, the voltage stability controller, and the grid-connected controller are studied. Simulation and experiment results show that comparing to the traditional topology; the proposed topology can greatly improve the output power of the PV system under the conditions of partial shading and features with low-voltage stress and high efficiency. Matlab/simulink simulations are presented in order to show the outstanding performance of the proposed design approach.

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