The Role Of Hr In Employee Retention On Job Based Performance: A Case Study Of Education Industry In Malaysia

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Hemalata Alagan , Nalini Devi Ramasivam


Today's workers are distinct. For experienced and talented individuals, the doors are wide open. Dissatisfied with their current employer or career due to a lack of advancement possibilities, income, or other perks, they switch to the following. Employee-client relationships are strained, organisational memory is eroded, and the lessons learned by current employees are all negatively affected as a result. Bosses must hang on to their employees in this way, especially the best and most experienced. In worker maintenance, representatives are encouraged to remain with the organisation for the longest possible period of time or until a certain project is completed. This research examines the Malaysian education business from the point of view of its employees and the role that maintenance plays in their job performance. Each division's senior and junior level employees were represented in a sample population of thirty. Twenty-six percent of the thirty (30) workers were satisfied with the industry's maintenance methods. The survey found that the lack of growth chances, work-life balance, award and recognition, and salary and compensation were the most fundamental reasons for the rise of all representatives.

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