Impact Of Quality Work Life On Employee Commitment: Mediating Role Of Job Satisfaction In Start-Ups, Hyderabad

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Dr. Padmaja P , Dr. R.V.Dhanalakshmi , Dr.VVYR Thulasi , Dr. R. Punniyamoorthy


Every organization wants to enhance productivity of employees by improving their work performance. In this regard quality work life (QWL) has become of paramount importance for the smooth functioning of an organization. The present research study, attempts to assess the impact of QWL on employee commitment towards startups. The data was collected from a sample of 240 Startup employees, selected by using simple random sampling technique. Data was analysed by using JAMOVI software. Quality Work life includes various dimensions, but the present study considered few determinants and the results of those determinants showed that leadership, motivation, and work environment have the significant and positive impact on employee commitment. Results also reveal that there is a significant relation between leadership, motivation, and work environment on job satisfaction, but that job satisfaction didn’t act as a mediator between the predictors and outcome variable. The study also discusses its various implications for the concerned startups, viz. improving overall work performance of its employees by adopting various measures to improve their QWL which leads to employee commitment.

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