Legal Considerations On Artificial Intelligence – Modern Age Vitalis Punctum

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Y. V. Kiran Kumar , Rodda Deepthi


In the growth of civilization, artificial intelligence is quickly expanding its capabilities. These alterations create the challenge of applying standards, particularly international law norms, in order to resolve issues associated with the essence and technical protocol of using artificial intelligence. The article is dedicated to the issues of legal control of the production and use of artificial intelligence, as well as the construction of a conceptual framework and a definition of artificial intelligence based on the generally accepted scientific ideas. The writers also analyse the issue of establishing the legal identity of a ‘electronic person’ and the requirement of holding the owner accountable for moral and material damages caused by a ‘electronic person.’ Within the context of the use of artificial intelligence, the paper also covers critical issues regarding the enforcement of legal norms governing intellectual property and copyright, criminal culpability, and involvement in criminal procedures. The authors analyse significant dangers and uncertainties associated with artificial intelligence, which are essential for enhancing relevant laws. They develop suggestions for the future discussion of issues such as the applications of artificial intelligence at the current stage; development prospects in this sector; legally relevant problems researched in this field and the issues associated with the use of existing and the development of new autonomous intelligence systems; the development of new strategies and legal norms to bridge the gaps in the legal regulation of the use of artificial intelligence.

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