“A Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Structured Teaching Programme (Stp) On Knowledge And Beginning Skills Regarding The First Aid Management Of Selected Common Conditions In Children Among The Primary School Teachers Of Selected Schools At Bardoli

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Moirangthem Vidyathoi Devi , Shivani Sharma , Natasha Verma , Neha Katoch , Shikha Gupta , Dinesh Kumar , Manju Rajput , Neha Kakran , Garima Rohillai , Sheetal Singh , Imran Khan


Background: School aged children are active youngster, have more interest in playing, attempt to get mastery over new motor skills and these aged group children can be naughty, deficient and impulsive from time to time which is perfectly normal. So, occurrences of unexpected injuries are more common especially among primary school children. It is important for the primary school teachers to have knowledge and equipped with relevant skills of first aid management to deal with any emergency situation occur in school premises.

Objective: To assess the knowledge regarding the first aid management of selected common conditions in children among primary school teachers before and after structured teaching program.To co-relate the skill scores of primary school teachers and to find the association between the post-test knowledge scores with selected demographic variables.

Design: Pre-experimental one group pre-test post-test research design.

Setting: In this study the settingsselected English medium schools of Bardoli, Surat, Gujarat. The first setting that the researcher selected was Shree Shantaram Bhat English Medium School, Mota, Umrakh, Bardoli, and secondly Vasishtha Genesis English School, Baben, Bardoli.

Participants: Primary School Teachers.

Methods: Pre-experimental one group pre-test post-test design was used for the study. Population of the study was primary school teachers of two selected schools. 60 primary school teachers were selected using convenient sampling technique. Structured knowledge questionnaire, observation checklist and lesson plan were used as tools to assess.

Results: In the socio-demographic data majority (73.34%) of the sample were above 30 years of age, majority (86.67%) were females, majority of the sample (71.67%) belongs to Hindu religion, most(71.67%)were married, majority (51.67%) resides in Urban areas, Graduate with B.Ed was the major (36.67%) qualification, Majority(41.66%) works in school for 1-5 years and majority (55.00%) sample earning 10,001-20,000 per month . In post-test knowledge mean score was (31.87%), SD=3.32which significantly increased after STP which was (18.47%),(SD=2.63) in pre-test. Overall knowledge of primary school teachers was inadequate (85.00%) in pre-test whereas majority (78.3%) were having adequate knowledge in post-test. With regards to beginning skills mean post-test beginning skills score  was (32.13%), SD=2.22 and pre-test mean beginning skills score was found to be (16.82%), SD=2.07. In pre-test overall beginning skills score (92.00%) had poor beginning skills in post-test majority(83.00%) had good beginning skills, Significant association was found between post-test knowledge and beginning skills score only with age and working experience of samples.

Conclusion: Structured teaching program was found to be an effective teaching strategy in improving knowledge and beginning skills of primary school teachers regarding first aid management of selected common conditions in children.

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