Awareness And Knowledge On National Rural Health Mission, Patient’s Rights And Safety Among The Patients And Healthcare Professionals In A Rural South Indian Region

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Rajesh Venkataraman , Renukaradhya Chitti


Purpose: A collection of principles that govern how patients and healthcare providers interact are known as a patient's rights. This study aimed to learn more about the awareness on National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and patients' rights among patients and on patient safety among healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Method: From January 2021 to December 2021, a prospective questionnaire-based cross sectional study was conducted among patients and HCPs from rural healthcare facilities in a south Indian area. Patients hospitalised to rural hospitals were interviewed to assess their knowledge of NRHM and patient rights, as well as HCPs' perceptions of patient safety. Results:  A total 100 patients and 205 HCPs were included in this study. Age, gender, marital status, type of family, education, occupation, socioeconomic level, and information source all had an impact on their NRHM awareness and patient rights, as well as their view of patient safety.

Conclusion: The study was crucial in determining that majority of respondents were aware of patient rights, more programmes and camps should be held to educate rural populations about NRHM and patient rights. In order to provide better patient care, HCPs in rural areas should focus on implementing their vision on patient safety.

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