Exploring the relationship of University's built environment with a predisposition to Transgression in students: A review study

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Aneela Yaseen, Shazia Hanif, Farhana Naz


Transgressive behavior is expected in youth, but university students are more predisposed. The study explores the reasons for Transgression in a university learner's behavior. Through detailed scrutiny of previously published literature, it is established that there is a relationship between a university's-built environment, spatial layout, and students' transgressions. Two fundamental pillars of the argument are The Relationship between the Built Environment with Criminal Activity and crime phobia and the Relationship between the Built Environment with Inappropriate Social Behavior. The analysis identifies three crucial aspects of the built environment; lack of surveillance, lack of proper spaces to socialize, and lack of integrated spaces. It is concluded that fewer surveillance, less connectivity, and sociofugal spaces in the campus-built environment might lead to some unfavorable situations. This research opens avenues for further exploration to raise the overall social milieu in the University through a well-thought spatial layout and the built environment.   It is recommended to consider the reasons mentioned above to avoid Transgression during a student's university life.

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