The Academic Performance Challenges of Students in terms of Obtaining the Cumulative average Required from Donors to Continuing Study

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Mohammed Al Matalka, Mohammad Al Dwakat


The study aimed at identifying the challenges faced by Jordanian students on scholarship who are studying abroad. A descriptive method was used and an e-questionnaire was selected to collect data. The questionnaire consists of five parts: demographic information, financial challenge items, social challenge items, academic and management challenge of donors, and lastly, cumulative average required of continuing study. The sample size of this study was 357 students. Accordingly, the researcher distributed 357 questionnaires and received 350. Only 346 questionnaires were analyzed after cleaning data. The study found that financial challenge and social challenge have a significant impact on cumulative average required.  On other hand, it is found that academic and management challenge of donors does not have a significant impact on cumulative average required.  This study can provide further insights for scholarship bodies, organizations, and education sectors on how to pay attention to such factors that affect scholarship students. Further studies are recommended to investigate the effect of these factors on similar contexts with looking at the use of qualitative research design.

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