Intention To Purchase As Mediator Variable Of Halal Foods In The Penginyongan Area

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Muhammad Wildan


Purpose – To know and analyze the influence of intention, attitude, religiosity, brand awareness on halal foods. Halal foods are foods that have high levels of hygiene, quality and health content suggested by the Qur'an and Hadits.

Halal food is highly recommended because it can affect a person's mindset and can long life.

Design/methodology/approach: This research uses 180 students as respondents in the Penginyongan area, these respondents have a religious background and of course are Muslim. Respondents who were collected through questionnaires were analyzed using a software tool in the form of SEM –Amos.

Findings – The results show that all hypotheses have a significant positive effect, generally indicating that respondents consisting of students have a very strong desire to consume halal food, because consuming halal food will have a positive impact, especially for health. On the other hand, respondents believe that halal food really helps all activities more well and makes respondents behave well.

Originality/value – This study focuses on halal foods consumed by students, especially in the Penginyongan area where the community is Muslim.

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