An Investigation Of Factors Of Listening Comprehension Difficulties Encountered By L2 Learners In Tertiary Level Classrooms Of A Private University

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Shagufta Kanwal , Shagufta Yasmeen , Hina Manzoor , Ufaq Binte Jamal , Muhammad Mazhar Khan


Listening plays an important role in our daily lives. It is one of the most important aspects of successful communication since it allows us to comprehend the world around us. Students face many challenges when it comes to the listening such as, accent of the speaker, speed of the speech and pronunciation. Other challenges include, limited and unfamiliar vocabulary, sound quality of speaker or audio. This study aims to investigate the factors of listening comprehension difficulties faced by L2 learners in tertiary level classrooms of a private university in Karachi Pakistan. Hopefully, highlighting the obstacles that students face while listening will create awareness among teachers as well as students. A quantitative research method is used for this research. Sample size of this study was 78 undergraduate students of three departments ( BS-English, BS-Computer Science, and BBA) of a private university. A close-ended questionnaire was administered through Google forms to explore the reasons of listening comprehension difficulties. Finally, the descriptive analysis technique was applied to analyze the obtained data. The analysis of the data revealed that second language learners face many listening comprehension difficulties in classrooms. Therefore, better strategies and techniques should be implemented in classrooms to deal with the listening comprehension challenges.

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