Explanatory Analysis Of Gomal University Contributions To Research Innovation And Commercialization

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Dr. Mazhar Gul , Dr. Allah Noor Khan , Dr. Faiz ul Hassan Shah , Dr. Aslam Khan


Higher education institutions are assigned to carry on research innovation practices and expedite commercialization process of its products as part of their mission. This advancement provides new insight to universities in contributing to the commercialization of university knowledge in the literature. The study investigated Gomal University's contribution to research innovation and commercialization. The explanatory design was used to collect quantitative data from supervisors and scholars and qualitative data from directors of ORIC, GSR, and QEC, faculty deans, and heads of departments. Simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used for sample selection. Descriptive and thematic analysis was done to determine the results of the study. The study concluded that Gomal University is not contributing like other universities which are doing practices in research innovation. The innovation status is in the initial stage; the university is trying to build relations with industries, government, foreign universities, and research funding agencies to boost the innovation culture per standards of excellence. Similarly, stakeholders believe commercialization is weak and needs to be strengthened further in the university. It is recommended that the vice-chancellor, faculty deans, and heads of departments sit down to ponder and review the innovation and commercialization process, especially in the agriculture and pharmacy faculties of the university.      

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