Investigating The Adverse Psychological Effect Of Noise Pollution On Human Health And The Status Un-Wanted Noise Control Laws In Pakistan

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Dr. Bahadar Ali , Ms. Parveen Gul , Mr. Arshad Nawaz Khan , Dr. Suhail Shahzad


This is fact that every living being in the in this world either on the earth or inside the water wants to live a comfortable and undisturbed life, especially a human being in particular. The traffic on the roads in terms of cars, bikes, and trucks etc. are the main sources of noise and are responsible for disturbing the peace of life and is really common in our country.  Noise is the name of any sound or situation which produces physiological or psychological undesirable effects and is perpetrated of unwanted interruption in the social hobbies of a person or group. In these social hobbies business, communication, refreshment, comfortableness and sleeping are included. Unwanted noise means unsuitable, huge, loud and unnecessary sounds that become the cause of grating of human and also effect his environment, in the same way un-necessary sounds and recreations may result in annoyances, disturbance in human sleep and does effects human health. This is such a pollution which we also face before our birth and then this infirmity remains like a shadow with us. The study is an attempt to explore the nexus between human mind and Noise and further tries to explore the possible adverse effect of noise on human psychology.

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