Determining Human Resource Policies In The Iraqi Health Sector (Hospitals) That Affect Creative Behavior, As Well As Other Variables That Influence Creative Behavior (Teamwork, Proactive Personality, And Vitality)

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Ali Fakhri Alzubaidi, Yaghoob Mahrati, Alireza Khorakian


The purpose of this study is to determine the human resources policies in the Iraqi health sector (hospitals) impact creative behavior, in addition to other variables that affect creative behavior (teamwork, proactive personality, and vitality). To inventory local human resources policies in hospitals, 61 studies related to human resources policies were examined to determine human resources policies, and 20 human resources policies were identified, which institutions adopt globally. After conducting a Delphi test on them, which consisted of three rounds, seven policies were adopted Out of 20 local policies for human resources in hospitals. The statistical sample size was 183 people from ten hospitals' administrative, technical, and medical staff. After conducting structural equation modeling to test the research hypotheses, the results of the study showed the following: Teamwork has a positive and moral effect on the proactive personality; the proactive personality has a positive and significant impact on vitality; vitality has a positive and important impact on creative behavior; The teamwork has a positive and moral impact on vitality; human resources policies in private hospitals act as a modified variable between the impact of the proactive personality on vitality; the teamwork has a positive and significant impact on the vitality of team workers through their proactive personality. This study concludes by discussing the study's suggestions and recommendations according to its findings.

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