The Impact Of Human Resource Diversity Management On High Performance An Applied Study In The General Directorate Of Education Of Baghdad / First Rusafa

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Samar Thamer Ali , Sahar Ahmed Karji


The study aims to identify the impact of diversity management of human resources in high performance by adopting an integrated approach . Accordingly, the study addressed two variables, namely diversity management of human resources As an independent variable with its dimensions (support and commitment of senior management - Diversity training ) High performance as a dependent variable To form the framework around which the study revolves.

The problem of the study was that there is a weakness in the diversity management of human resources, which negatively affects its high performance, and this problem was framed by a set of questions that were the basis for building the practical side .the General Directorate of pavement education was chosen as the first field to conduct the study, while the sample of the study was the intention ( for the director general, assistants, department managers, divisional officials and unit managers) in order to answer the questions related to the problem of the study. The main hypotheses were formulated with sub-hypotheses for each of them to find out the correlation relationship To answer the questions raised in the Study Problem, a scheme was designed The hypothesis of the study reflects the relationship of correlation and influence between its variables and a questionnaire was developed depending on the sources The scientific method adopted as the main tool for collecting the necessary data from the members of the study sample in its practical aspect within the The research directorate . The study came out with a set of conclusions, the most important of which are: - the results of the descriptive analysis of the dimensions of Diversity Management showed The relative importance of the dimension of support and commitment of senior management came first and this indicates However, this dimension is important for managing diversity by building and spreading the vision of diversity to all human resources The most important recommendations were: - creating a high managerial commitment to diversity by spreading the vision of diversity to all working individuals and a high level of management that recognizes the existing differences and works To explore them in a way that contributes to enhancing their behavior towards high performance . 

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