The Impact Of Strategic Awareness In The Competitiveness Of Business Organizations Field Research In Asia cell For Cellular Communications

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Anfal Shakir Obaid Al-Mohammadi, Arak Abboud Omair Al-Dulaimi


This research is concerned with the impact of strategic awareness with its main dimensions as an independent variable on competitiveness with its main dimensions as a dependent variable in the Asia Cell Company for Cellular Communications. Spss.24), The research was applied to a sample of (117) managers, and the questionnaire was used as a main tool for collecting data on the research variables, The most important recommendations put forward by the research are to work to increase the interest of the Asia Cell Mobile Communications Company in strategic awareness of its high impact in enhancing competitiveness, and deepening the understanding and awareness of all leaders in the company of the importance of strategic awareness and competitiveness through the establishment of workshops and seminars. 

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