Validity And Reliability Of Arabic Translation Of Social Media Infidelity-Related Behaviors Inventory (SMIRB)

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Zeinab Mohamed El Nagar , Mohamed Youssef Mohamed , Yasmine Mahmoud Massoud , Mahmoud Farag Soliman, Marwa Essam Khamis , Ola Mohamed Afua


Background: There are rising interests in social media research in Arabic countries. Aim of the work: To estimate the reliability, construct validity and factor analysis of the Social Media Infidelity-Related Behaviors Inventory (SMIRB). Methods: The English version of SMIRB was translated into Arabic and verified by 47 bilingual experts. The Arabic version was conducted in electronic format to 247 (females & males, age from 18-60 years old) Egyptian participants who were members at Egyptians social media sites and chat-rooms and were selected randomly. Participants were reassessed 4 weeks after the initial administration of the scale. The Statistical analysis was performed to test-retest reliability, item internal consistency (IIC), interclass correlation (ICC), factor analysis and construct validity. Outcome: Valid and reliable Arabic translated version of SMRIB. Results: Cronbach’s a coefficient to assess (IIC) was found to be 0.90 and satisfactory for the 14 items constitute SMIRB. It’s14 items met the IIC requirement of correlation ≥ with high ICC (0.965, 95% C.I. (0.954-0.974), p <0.001. The results indicated good repeatability of the SMIRB and construct validity. Factor analysis revealed good construct validity with one-factor solution strong factors emerged with the same construct, accounting for 51.63% of the variance. Each item loaded highly (≥0.45) on the corresponding factor. Clinical implications: we expect that this Arabic translated version of the scale will be widely used in Egypt and Arabic countries Strength and limitations: our research is one of the rare types of research in this field in Egypt. On the other hand, we couldn’t assess sexual orientation due to our culture conservation. Conclusion: The Arabic translation of SMIRB is an acceptable, reliable, and valid translated measure to assess the infidelity related behaviors due to social media use.

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