Legal Aspects Of Determination Of Allotment Of Land In The Implementation Of Spatial Planning In Medan City

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Ahmad Budinta Rangkuti , Muhammad Yamin , Syafruddin Kalo , Ilyas Ismail


The aims of this study to find out Legal Aspects of Determination of Allotment of Land in the Implementation of Spatial Planning in Medan City. This research uses doctrinal law research methods (normative legal research methods), and also empirical research methods, where normative research methods are used           that isstudy on   law       which conceptualized            and developed on the basis of certain doctrines. The result shows that The legal impacts that arise in the community due to the application of the land designation system in the implementation of spatial planning in the city of Medan, including the determination of zoning based on Regional Regulation no. 2 of 2015 caused rejection from the public, namely first, the impact on the application of the designation of Perda no. 2 of 2015 there is a lawsuit for judicial review of Regional Regulation No. 2/2015 which was submitted by PT. Agung Sarana Terminal (applicant) to the Medan City Government (the respondent) in the decision No. 13P/HUM/2017, regarding the IMB application which was rejected by the Medan City TRTB Service. The reason for the lawsuit is because the Medan City TRTB Service rejected the application for an IMB by the applicant who is located in the Waterfall Village, Medan Marelan. The IMB application is for 11 building units that will be used as a 3 kg LPG filling station by the applicant after obtaining various permits from various parties. The rejection of the IMB application by the Medan City Government is based on Article 19 paragraph (1) letter (e) Regional Regulation No. 2/2015 the plunge area is an agricultural zone.

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