Issues Of Classification Of Uzbek Folk Songs

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Jabbor Eshonqulov


This article describes Uzbek folk songs and their classification. The song is one of the oldest and richest genres of folklore. In addition to proverbs, sayings and riddles, it is not accidental that folk songs are included in Mahmud Kashgari’s book “Dīwān Lughāt al-Turk”[1]. This, on the one hand, proves that folk songs were colorful even in those distant times, that their historical roots are very ancient, and, on the other hand, are also important in classifying them.

When we look at the history of folk songs, we see that over the course of a long historical development, songs have evolved from mythological thinking to artistic thinking. Therefore, in addition to traces of ancient imagination, the songs reflect the events and experiences that took place in the Middle Ages and yesterday or today.

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