Mapping Research Trends On Impulsive Buying: A Synthesis And Bibliometric Analysis Of Influencing Factors

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Manoj Kumar , Mahender Yadav , Sonia Kaushik , Neha , Shikah Gupta


The concept of impulsive buying is multi-dimensional and is very dynamic. The aim of this paper is to identify the most influential factors leading to impulse buying. In addition, the paper aims to identify the intellectual contributions in the field of impulsive buying like prolific authors, most active journal, highly cited documents, most commonly used keywords and trend of publications over time. A total of 263 documents after necessary restrictions are extracted from Web of Science database to conduct bibliometric analysis. An open access software package, VoSviewer is used to map the intellectual structure of development in the field of impulsive buying. Study revealed that factors affecting impulsive buying can be categorized into four broad categories namely cultural factors, demographic factors, situational factors and factors related to personality traits. Bibliometric indicate that the most number of papers are published in the year 2021, with most contributions coming from “Personality and Individual Differences” journal. Beatty Se in terms of citations count and Sivakumaran and Bhardwaj in terms of documents published are the prolific authors in this field. Furthermore, the most active and productive country is U.S.A. followed by China and India. This paper will enrich marketers in understanding impulsive dimension of consumer behavior to attract new customers and retain old ones.

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