Publication Trends Of Journal Articles About Repetition In Recent Years: Bibliometric Analysis

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Eko Harianto (Corresponding author) , Muhammad Chirzin , Muhammad Anis


In recent years, repetition is increasingly recognised as an attractive educational method. This study aims to perform a bibliographic analysis on scientific generations that have been repeated over the past decade. Publications were retrieved from the Scopus database, and 1550 identified documents were analysed using BibExcel software and visualised in VOSviewer. The primary publishing language is English. The publication rate has increased in recent years. There are many regular feature publications in the United States. The magazine "PloS One" was the most voluminous. The impact of new technologies on this phenomenon is already being felt, and research groups are expanding production to address this problem. Therefore, a systematic review and meta-analysis are needed to examine the contents of the confirmed study and variables related to this topic. It can serve as a starting point for research in this field and a basis for future reviews of its development and progress.

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