The Role Of The Eu In Modern International Relations With Central Asia

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Dr. Kakhramon S. Tursunov


The role of the EU in real international relations is extremely important both in terms of its political and economic position in the world. Being one of the main economic centers of world integration processes, the European Union is increasingly involved in world political processes. Already in the 70s of the last century, the European Economic Community began to declare itself as an active sector of world politics. At the present stage, the European Union plays a significant role in world politics, as evidenced by the degree of relations between the EU and the countries of other regions, among which the Central Asian direction occupies a special place. At the present stage, the problem of energy access to the mineral resources of this region is the most important direction of the EU energy strategy. In this regard, the study of the partnership level of relations between an authoritative organization like the EU on the one hand, and a significant region in the system of international relations like Central Asia, on the other hand, is very relevant.

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