Syeda Sadia Ghaznavi On The Holy Prophet As A Psychologist And Educationist

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Saad Jaffar , Hajra Arzoo siddiqui , Sardar Muhammad , Babar Khan Jadoon , Dr. Syed Ghazanfar Ahmed , Muhammad Imran Raza Tahavi


The science of psychology directly relates to human and human relations. Now a day’s psychiatric diseases are spreading rapidly everywhere. However as much as psychology has been discussed and consulted in Islam, no other religion has done so much. In the light of the Holy Quran and the sayings of Holy Prophet, there is an easy solution to all the diseases of psychology. The present research provides an in-depth overview about the personality of Holy Prophet especially as a psychologist and an educationist. The life of Holy Prophet is a great example for all mankind of all times. As a psychologist, His valuable suggestions and advices are beautifully discussed in Sadia Ghaznavi’s book, which is a great source of learning. The main objective of this research is to bring the psychological examples and suggestions of Holy Prophet which are never overlooked by the academic word. This qualitative research has utilised the evaluative, explorative and descriptive techniques. Both Primary and secondary sources e.g. Holy Quran, Ahadis, books of Muslim scholars not only make this research informative but also healthier for all people. Being the last prophet of Allah, Holy Prophet is the best of all creatures and His stalemates, there is goodness for all creatures.     

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