Shariah Aspects Of Cosmetics Industry

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Noor Fatima , Dr. Muhammad Saeed Akhtar , Amara Hanif


The history of cosmetics is as old as human being, since past times, use of beauty products are being used globally. Every country in the world, whether developed, developing or poor has a high manufacturing and sales of cosmetics products. Using of cosmetics is also increasing in the Muslim world, besides their advantages, unseen disadvantages are innumerable. The biggest disadvantages of the use of Haram substances like alcohol in cosmetics and more important, the most of the Muslims are not aware of it, although Halal ingredients in cosmetics are being extensively used in the world. The main aim of present research is to raise awareness about the Haram products used in the cosmetics industry and to draw attention to the fact that before using it, everyone should know whether it is made up by halal ingredients or haram. The methodology used in the current study is basically qualitative and comprised upon descriptive, explorative and evaluative techniques of research. Present research has mainly been conducted through primary and secondary sources including Quran, Ahadith, articles, books, and research papers published in various journals.  The objective of this research work is to highlight the Islamic injunctions regarding cosmetics and to shed light on its shariah standards.

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