Specific Study Of The Views Of Jurists Regarding Contraception منع حمل سے متعلق فقہاء کی آراء کا اختصاصی مطالعہ

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Dr. Muhammad Amir Hamza , Dr. Sadia Noreen , Faizan Hassan Javed


Contraception refers to an attempt to prevent pregnancy, which sociologists call family planning. Contraception is usually done to delay the birth of children or to prevent the birth of more children by eliminating the ability of establishment of pregnancy after the birth of a certain number of children. All the jurists are agreed on the invalidity of second case however, some jurists allow it conditionally in certain circumstances while, on the first case the jurists have different views. Some jurists have declared it completely permissible, while others have issued fatwā on its invalidity. Although, intermittent contraception is related to personal circumstances, about which fatwās and rulings, personal circumstances and goals change with the requirements of Shari'ah. Therefore, keeping in view the personal circumstances and the purposes of the Shari'ah, a fatwā of permissibility and impermissibility on contraception can be issued only for special circumstances. However, giving a fatwā on its absolute permissibility or impermissibility is against the requirements of Shari'ah.

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