‘Importance Of Marketing Mix In Successful Positioning Of Products And Their Services On The Market’

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Mr. Abdulla Thanseer , Mr. Mohamed Riyas , Ms. Jasmine Mariappan , Mr. Joshi Raghavan Edassery


The study aimed at discovering the important dimensions of the marketing mix and important factors in the marketing mix that provides better positioning of the products and their services. The study adopted a descriptive research design. For the analysis, the data was collected from 127 marketing employers belonging to 46 product manufacturing companies. For the study, a simple random sampling technique was employed. From the analysis performed, it can be interpreted that the majority of the marketing employers in product manufacturing companies were belonging to 30-50 years of age with 3-7 Years of experience. Also, it was understood that there is a significant difference in the Important Dimensions that make the Products and their Services Successful as per the opinion among the marketing employers in product manufacturing companies. Further, People involved in designing, development, production, marketing, business distributors and retailers, Place of Marketing and Product Quality are found to be the important dimensions that make the products and their services successful. Also, it can be interpreted that, Product Quality, the People involved in designing, developing, producing, marketing and the Process of Production and Delivery to Customers are the important factors that make the products and their services positioning successful.

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