Study On Impact Of Marketing And Branding In Attracting Talented Employees Into The Company

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Dr. Anil Kumar Kanamarlapudi , Dr. Chitra Krishnan , Ms.Jasmine Mariappan


The study aimed at investigating whether the marketing and branding activities carried by the company attract talented employees to the organization. Further, the study explores the important factors that are attracting talented employees to an organization. The descriptive research approach was used for this examination. Purposive sampling strategies were used to acquire the information. Wherein newly employed employees who were highly qualified and skilled in 19 branded companies in the FMCG industry were approached using structured questionnaires and 416 data was collected. The great majority of the respondents worked in the FMCG business, according to the findings of the research were male belonging to age category between 25-35 years with 5.1-7 years of industry experience. Further, it was found that there is “no significant difference in opinion among the respondents belonging to different demographic profiles for the Impact of Marketing and Branding in Attracting Talented Employees”. Furthermore, the overall mean score indicates that most of the respondents agree that the brand value and marketing effort of the company had attracted them to apply for the job. Also, it was identified that the important reason for selecting a branded company by the employees is that, The company brand made them perceive that there is better scope for a career than in previous companies, the company marketing and branding activity itself embellishes them to apply for a job position, the prominent fact that branded companies provide a better pay scale, being a part of the branded company gives recognition in society and family and In the limelight, it is apparent that branded companies provide better rewards and recognitions.

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