Pragmatic Study On Teacher And Student Conversion In Indonesian Learning

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Insum Malawat , Akhiruddin


The purpose of this study is to describe locutionary speech acts, illocutionary speech acts, perlocutionary speech acts in teacher and student conversations in Indonesian language learning, especially descriptive text material in class VII SMP Metro School in the academic year 2022-2023. This research is a type of descriptive qualitative research, namely the data in this study are in the form of oral data or conversational speech between teachers and students in the Indonesian language learning process. The instruments used in this study are data tables and the researchers themselves as human instruments (planners, data collectors, data interpreters, data analyzers, and research reports). In the results of this study, 10 locutionary speech acts were found. There were 37 illocutionary speech acts, consisting of assertive illocutionary speech acts, directive illocutionary speech acts and expressive illocutionary speech acts. Perlocutionary speech acts found 23 utterances in the form of linguistic and non-linguistic effects or impacts.

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