The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Information Technology Sector In Egypt And Uae (Challenges And Opportunities)

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In light of the technological and digital development that dominates all areas of life in our time, there are many challenges and opportunities available to the information technology sector, the most prominent example of which is the pandemic, which affected the entire world more than two years ago, and as a result of this global epidemic, there was an imposition of many restrictions that dominated most areas of life such as work, education and the economy, and here we note the role of communication and information technology and artificial intelligence techniques that have contributed to alleviate these restrictions through the opportunities and possibilities they offer. Despite that, the technology and information sector in most countries in the world and the countries of the Middle East in particular have faced many threats and challenges that have affected it, and in this scientific paper we discuss the effects of the global Covid-19 epidemic on the technology and information sector in both Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in terms of discussing opportunities, challenges and the role played by technology, and at the end of the research is presented a set of recommendations that can be used in the framework of better future research and scientific experiments.

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