Influence Culturalin Utilization Of Healthcare Facilities Pregnancy: A Literature Review

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Muhammad Syarifudin , Esti Yunitasari , Ilya Krisnana , Domingos Soares


A health facility is a facility providing health services that are used to organize individual health service efforts. The health of pregnant women is one indicator of public health status. Birth and pregnancy problems are closely related to cultural elements in society.

Literature searches via Scopus, PubMed, ProQuest, Science Direct, and SAGE within the last 5 years. The results were 15 journals selected from 2493 journal articles found.

Overall, the review consisted of 15 articles (table 2). In this review, the suboptimal use of maternal health services is affected by the socioeconomic characteristics of pregnant women, limited knowledge about maternal care, the distance from the place of residence to health services, and the low status of women are the main barriers to seeking care.

Efforts to reduce maternal mortality are fundamental in overcoming socio-cultural practices in certain areas, which create tension for women seeking maternal care. Focus on reducing poverty and increasing the opportunity for decision-making is important to support women's rights to medical care

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