The Reproaching Self Contained In The Holy Qur’an And Its Applications On Psychological And Social Peace

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May Fawzan A Almusfir


This research seeks to clarify the concept of the reproaching self contained in the Holy Qur’an and its applications on psychological and societal peace. The researcher used the descriptive approach to study the Qur’anic verses that included the concept of the reproaching self and its applications on psychological and social peace. The findings of the research showed that the term reproaching self was mentioned once in the Holy Qur’an in Surat Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) in the context of the structure (I do call to witness). The formula (I do call to witness) did not appear in the speech of the Arabs, neither in poetry nor in prose, and was unique to the Holy Qur’an (Nayef, 2004).

Scholars have varied opinions about this linguistic structure, whether it is an oath or a denial of an oath. The results also showed that the commentators differed about the meaning of the reproaching self, and this resulted in the difference in classifying it as a praiseworthy or blameworthy self, or just a characteristic of human nature. The Holy Qur’an did not mention the command to blame oneself as a legitimate practice, and it was not even mentioned in the context of praise, and the practice of blaming was not mentioned in the stories of the prophets as a behavior to be followed after committing a sin.The results also indicated that the Holy Quran did not mention that the practice of self-reproach has positive results, but rather that the feelings associated with blame in the Holy Quran are not positive feelings that motivate action. The Holy Qur’an also judged some practices to fall into the circle of blame, as it mentions blame in the Qur’an as a punishment and it appears from the use of blame in the Qur’an that it is a practice that is nothing more than a human nature that needs to be refined through the immediate repentance and acclamation, otherwise it does not lead the soul to elevate itself.

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