Professional Women And Their Investment Behavior: A Study Based On Bilaspur City Of Chhattisgarh

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Dr. Budheshwar Prasad Singhraul , Yashasvi Batwe


Women nowadays are on parity with men in terms of establishing their own identities, getting education, and supporting their families through their earnings. The assumption that women in our country are still deemed weak and excluded is what has drawn the focus of scholars, economists, and governments to issues supporting women empowerment. Women are thought to be less knowledgeable about various investing options and generally prefer traditional way of investing i.e. fixed deposits or gold. The study's major objective is to learn more about women's perspectives toward investing and their perspectives on several different investment options. The study examined over different professional women including salaried, business women, professionals who are regarded as more practical and knowledgeable about the financial world and even housewives as they are not much aware of the financial markets. The goal of the research was to answer a few key questions about the investor behaviour of Bilaspur housewives and professional women, as well as their investing patterns, in order to better understand their investment goals and satisfaction levels. The literatures examined aided in the comprehension of the concepts of investment pattern and investment behaviour, as well as the identification of variables that influence investment behaviour. The study is grounded from both primary and secondary data sources.

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