An anthropology of human rights (The Palestinian community in Iraq as a model) Master's student research

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Ahmed Mohamed Sekeb , Assist Prof. Majed Ali Mustaf


The study of the Palestinian community in Iraq is one of the important studies in the contemporary history of Iraq because of the social, economic, political and intellectual role of the Palestinians. Many of them occupied important positions in Iraqi society, especially in the civil and military field, and many members of the Palestinian community in Iraq worked a lot. From the aspects of social life and state institutions, such as higher education, health and education, as well as various military institutions, and the rehabilitation of many of them in the field of private sector business, such as trade and industry, which contributed to the labor market in Iraqi society, but after the crisis that afflicted Iraqi society since the US occupation in 2003 which created a series of political, social and economic interactions that affected all components of society to reflect negatively on the reality of the Palestinian community, which called our study to shed light on the conditions that the Palestinians lived through before and after the American occupation .

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