Studying The Psychology Of The Prevailing Intellectual Currents In The Emergence And Evolution Of Architecture And Urbanism Aqquyunluha And Qaraqyunluha

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Nima Ashrafi Noshnagh , Mehdi Mohajer Saim , Shabnam Akbari Namdar


The Ayaz Turkmen dynasty ruled over parts of the Caucasus, Eastern Turkey, and Northern Iran from 1378 to 1508. At the end of the Taile Khan dynasty in Iran, tribes of Turkmen emerged during the Mongol raids from the borders of Khwarezm and around the eastern Caspian Sea. This government left a great cultural impact in the areas under its control. In this regard, using logical and interpretive-historical research methods, the discussion about Aqqyunluha and Qaraqyunluha and case samples has been discussed. The picture of Hasan Bekaran's meeting, while many of the emirs are standing at the gate of the National Museum, you can see them all riding on horseback. Also, many animals, such as Philo rhinoceros, all tell the story of the events that have happened in the past. There are large carpet floors, which apparently have beautiful designs. This rug is exactly the size of a keftal. Other rooms are not for sale. By establishing the government and establishing the Turkmens in those regions, the Aqqyunluhs and Qaraqyunluhs did not only establish political organizations in the mentioned areas, but also brought religious, social and cultural works to the fore.

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