Green Marketing: A Study On Environmental Concern And Consumer Perception

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Worakamol Wisetsri , C.Vijai , Thanyanant Chansongpol , Ketsaraporn Thaisaentha


Concerns were expressed by way of manufacturers and customers about the environmental effect of merchandise throughout recent decades. Consumers and producers have directed their interest in the direction of environment pleasant products which might be presumed to be “green” or environment pleasant like low strength eating electric home equipment, natural foods, lead-free paints, recyclable paper, and phosphate-free detergents. Indian marketers are also realizing the importance of the Green Marketing Concept. Although a type of study on inexperienced advertising has been carried out across the globe; few academic studies on customer beliefs and choices have been accomplished in India. This study gives a quick review of environmental issues and identifies the inexperienced values of the clients, their degree of recognition approximately environmental troubles, green merchandise, and practices. This paper highlights the purchasers’ beliefs and choices in the direction of green advertising and marketing practices and merchandise with the assistance of a dependent questionnaire. High-level of consciousness about green advertising and marketing practices and merchandise becomes determined among the consumers. Green values have been additionally discovered to be excessive for many of the respondents. Research has given precise insights for marketers of the inexperienced products and shows the need of designing the advertising and marketing conversation campaigns promoting green products because of the high inexperienced costs for some of the customers.

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