Analysis Of Differential Equation Problem Solving Abilities In Terms Of Mathematical Literacy Skills

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Hasriani Ishak , Y.L Sukestiyarno , Rachmad , Scolastika Mariani


This study analyzes students' mathematical literacy skills, which aims to obtain steps to solve mathematical problems in the Differential Equation material for final year students based on students' literacy skills. The research design used descriptive qualitative by describing students' literacy skills in solving problems. Differential equations based on students' literacy skills. Data analysis was carried out retrospectively by combining literature review, observations, answer sheets, interviews, and field notes. Furthermore, concerning the concept of Literacy and mathematical problem-solving theory. The data from the results of the analysis showed that in question number 1. In the initial step of the reading and thinking stage, there were 20% of the subjects had made mistakes in understanding the questions/problems. then only 5% can complete until the final stage because students are not able to apply basic mathematics to differential equations. As for question number 2, given a differential equation application problem and only 10% of students were able to pass step 1 (students were unable to read and understand the problem in this matter due to the low literacy skills of students, so they could not proceed to the next step.

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