Energy Strategy Of Turkey And Its Role In The Region

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Dr. Sahibzada Muhammad Usman , Dr. Ghulam Mujaddid , Saba Kiran


America and Europe gradually rely on natural gas and oil imports from the Middle East, the Caspian Sea, and Russia. Turkey is positioned to play an increasingly prominent role as a global energy hub in the years ahead, owing to its central location between consumer and producing countries. Turkey has energy agreements with Russia, Syria, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Turkey is diversifying its energy supply as a result of these agreements. According to some observers, Turkey is aiming to develop its energy reliance. In contrast, others say the government attempts to establish an energy web to gain from its energy security rather than relying on others. With the objective of becoming an energy hub, this paper will explore how Turkey's energy strategy affects its own and regional energy security reliance or interdependence. 

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