Surgical Care Expenditures In Private And Public Healthcare System: A Comparative Study

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Kiran N Baliga , B S Baliga , Anupama Nayak P , Bharath Reddy


Aim: To estimate and compare the expenditure incurred by an household for surgical care for children in public and private health care systems.

Methods: Questionnaire was distributed to 200 patients admitted for surgery in public and private healthcare sectors. 7 datas were collected:  1) Direct formal costs in the form of surgical costs, consultation costs, drugs, laboratory tests and hospital expenses. 2) Indirect costs in the form of loss of wages to the care giver, transportation and food expenses. 3) Pre-surgical, surgical and post- surgical expenses. 4) Household income. 5) Out of pocket expenses. 6) Source of income. 7) Outcome.

Result: In our study there was a highly significant difference in expenses incurred to the patient in the private to that of the public sector. In compared to public sector, cost of surgical care was significantly high for direct, indirect and total charges per day. There was no significant difference in the indirect charges for an episode of hospitalization in both the sectors as duration of stay in private sector is less.

Conclusions: The expenditure incurred for the surgical care in private sector is significantly high compared to the public sector.

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