A Systematic Review Of Constructivist Classrooms: Challenges For Teachers And Recommendations

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Le Ha Van , Nguyen Long Quoc


Recent emphasis has been placed on shifting teaching away from lecture-centered mode, in which the emphasis is on what teachers are doing, toward a more student-centered constructivist approach, primarily focused on active learning and students' own knowledge constructions. However, implementing constructivist learning has been more challenging than many in the education field anticipated. Not merely acquiring new skills but also making personal sense of constructivism as a basis for instruction, reorienting classroom cultures to be consistent with the constructivist philosophy, and dealing with the pervasive educational conservatism that works against efforts to teach for understanding, are the most significant barrier to teachers. This paper gives a comprehensive theoretical analysis of constructivism in teaching and learning in order to provide a broad overview, highlight its fundamental aspects, outline typical challenges constructivist teachers frequently confront, and show the gaps in prior research. From such evaluations, meaningful information about constructivism can be gleaned, and practical education-related recommendations can be formulated.

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