Security Risks And Threats To Journalists In Pakistan: A Critical Analysis Of Media Landscape In Pakistan

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Dr. Fazli Hussain , Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad , Mr. Masaud Hassan , Prof. Dr. Arab Naz


Journalists around the world including Pakistan, are faced with threats while performing their duties. The Freedom House (FH), Reporters without Borders (RSF) etc., indicates have described that conditions, sources, and prototype for journalists’ security are different from county to country so that is the aim of this study is to explore Pakistan’s media environment for the variable “threat” in an academic and empirical way. The study calculates the existence, intensity, nature, and sources of threats. The media landscape is divided into five clusters and forty-five respondents were investigated. The sampled journalists make 1.125% of population, acceptable for the generalization. The findings show that journalist faced severe threats to their lives from the establishment. Results also show that journalists considered religious groups as major threats to their lives while reporting on religious issues.  

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